Linking an Azure Account

To link an AWS Cloud account with your pgEdge Cloud account, select the Cloud Accounts heading in the left navigation pane and then the + Link Cloud Account button.

Link Cloud Account popup

On the Link Cloud Account dialog, select the Azure icon to expand the dialog.

Link Cloud Account popup

Use the fields in the dialog to create a link to your Azure account:

  • Provide a user-friendly name in the Account Name field.
  • Provide an account description in the Account Description field.
  • Provide your Client ID in the Azure Client ID field.
  • Provide your Client Secret in the Azure Client Secret field.
  • Provide your Subscription ID in the Azure Subscription ID field. To find your subscription ID in the Azure console, go to All services --> Subscriptions --> Subscription ID.
  • Provide your Tenant ID in the Azure Tenant ID field. To find your tenant ID in the Azure console, go to Azure Active Directory --> Properties --> Directory ID.
  • Provide your Resource Group in the Azure Resource Group field.

After providing connection information, select Link Account to create the link to your Azure account.