pgEdge Cloud

pgEdge Cloud

pgEdge Cloud is fully-distributed PostgreSQL, deployable across multiple cloud regions or data centers.

Fully distributed PostgreSQL made easy

Multi-Region and Multi-Cloud: Deploy pgEdge nodes across multiple cloud provider regions to provide optimal placement relative to your users. pgEdge Cloud provisions clusters on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Easy Deployment: Creation and deployment of pgEdge clusters is a breeze - simply answer a few questions, and then press a button to deploy your cluster in the cloud.

Control and Monitoring: Manage and monitor your pgEdge cluster from a web dashboard, or alternatively via API and command line interface.

Configuration, Management, and Security: pgEdge Cloud saves you time configuring and managing infrastructure and databases. Your data is subject to regularly scheduled backups and continually monitored. pgEdge Cloud also has a host of security features to make sure only you and your client applications access your databases.

BYO Account: pgEdge Cloud Enterprise Edition deploys clusters and databases directly into your own cloud provider accounts. Make maximal use of your cloud provider’s enterprise discount plans, while allowing your security team and their tooling to have full visibility into pgEdge infrastructure, databases and configurations.

Latency-based Routing: User queries are connected to the nearest database node through automatic geo-proximity routing.

100% Pure PostgreSQL: Compatible with the PostgreSQL ecosystem, tools, and extensions such as PostGIS, PGVector, pgCat, pgBackrest, and 20+ more.

Edge Platform Integration: pgEdge Cloud is especially well suited for use with edge development platforms and software such as Cloudflare Workers, Terraform, Vercel, and Fastly.

pgEdge Cloud Features by Edition

pgEdge Cloud Developer EditionpgEdge Cloud Enterprise Edition
Total Nodes3Unlimited
# of Databases1Unlimited
Cloud Regions3 (AWS)All regions (AWS, GCP, Azure)
Point in Time RecoveryNoYes
Storage12 GBUnlimited
Daily BackupsYesYes
Create Custom ClustersNoYes
BYO AccountNoYes
SupportCommunity Discord24/7 Enterprise Email & Phone

pgEdge Resources

Use the links in the lower-left corner of the console to access pgEdge resources:

  • For an invitation to the pgEdge Discord server, select the Community link.
  • To review the documentation, select the Docs link.

For more information about pgEdge Cloud, or help establishing a pgEdge account, reach out to pgEdge (opens in a new tab).