Getting Started with pgEdge Developer Edition

Getting Started with pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition

Signing up for pgEdge Developer Edition is easy; simply navigate to the pgEdge sign-in page (opens in a new tab) and provide a name and password, or log in with your Google or Github account.

pgEdge Developer Edition Console

After signing up, you can create use the pgEdge Cloud console to create a database:

  • Provide a unique name for the database in the Database Name field.
  • Check the box next to a cluster configuration in the Select a Cluster field. You can use the show map toggle to review a map displaying each configuration.
  • To install sample data, toggle the Install Northwind Database switch.

Then, select the Create Database button to initialize the database.

Initializing a new database

When the database is ready, the pgEdge Cloud Console displays the database name in the navigation tree. Select the database name to start using your database.

pgEdge Resources

Use the links in the lower-left corner of the console to access pgEdge resources:

  • For an invitation to the pgEdge Discord server, select the Community link.
  • To review the documentation, select the Docs link.