Cluster Management

Reviewing your pgEdge Clusters

Note: To create a cluster with pgEdge Cloud, you must have a pgEdge Enterprise Edition account (opens in a new tab).

To review a list of the currently defined pgEdge Cloud clusters, expand the Clusters node of the tree control in the left-pane of the Cloud console.

Displaying the currently defined clusters

The dot to the left of a cluster name in the tree control indicates the cluster status:

  • A green dot indicates that the cluster deployment has completed.
  • A blue dot indicates that the cluster is in the process of deploying.
  • A grey dot indicates that cluster deletion is pending.
  • A red dot indicates that cluster creation failed.

The Clusters page displays a pane for each cluster that lists the nodes in the cluster and the regions in which each node is deployed. Select a cluster name in the tree control or select the navigation icon in a pane to navigate to a page with cluster information.