Connecting to pgEdge Cloud

Your pgEdge account type determines the type of connections you can establish with pgEdge Cloud:

Any client that can negotiate a connection using libpq can connect to the PostgreSQL server (port 5432) on a pgEdge Cloud database; this applies to custom clients as well. All authenticating clients must:

Additionally, you must open ports for connection when creating your cluster.

Connecting to a Cluster

You can connect to a pgEdge Cloud cluster with SSH. IP addresses for each node in your cluster are displayed on the Nodes tab of the Cluster information dialog.

Connecting to a Cluster

For detailed information about using SSH to connect to a node, see Connecting with ssh.

Connecting to a Database

You can use any PostgreSQL client that meets the connection criteria detailed above to connect to a PostgreSQL database. In this guide, we'll walk you through connecting with the psql or pgAdmin clients.