Database Management

Managing a pgEdge Database

To review a list of databases, select the Databases node of the tree control in the left-pane of the Cloud console.

Displaying the currently deployed databases

The dot to the left of a database name in the tree control indicates the database status:

  • A green dot indicates that the database deployment has completed.
  • A blue dot indicates that the database is in the process of deploying.
  • A grey dot indicates that database deletion is pending.

The Databases page displays a pane for each database and each region in which a replicated copy of the database is deployed. Options on this page allow you to:

  • Use the Search bar to locate a specific database
  • Use the Sort/Filter controls to sort the displayed panes by database status, age, or name.
  • Use the + New Database button to open a dialog that allows you to define a new database.
  • Double-click a database name in the navigation pane or select a database pane to navigate to a details page for the database.