PGEDGE CLI Reference


pgedge is the pgEdge Command Line Interface (CLI) for managing components. The individual modules are:

aceUse ACE to compare the data on different nodes to confirm data consistency.
clusterCalls to the cluster module install and configure your replication scenario.
dbUse calls to the db module to configure and control your PostgreSQL databases.
localhostUse commands in the localhost module to manage clusters on your local host.
serviceCalls to the service module control the state of services.
setupSetup a pgEdge node with configuration for user, database, port, version, spock, snowflake.
spockUse calls to spock to manage your replication cluster.
umUse calls to update manager to list and update the installed components.
vmUse calls to vm for consistent provisioning and management of VM's across multiple clouds.

CLI Command Synopsis

./pgedge <module_name> <command> [parameters] [options]

When calling a pgedge command, specify the name of the module, followed by the command name and any command options.

To review available help, use the command:

./pgedge --help

To review help for a specific module, use the command:

./pgedge <module_name> --help

For information about the installed version of the pgEdge CLI and other system details, use the command:

./pgedge info