pgEdge Release Notes

pgEdge Platform Release Notes

v24.3.3 on 2024-03-26

  • fix to ACE to use first of possibly mulitple db's (CP #)
  • doc fix for localhost (CP #)

v24.4.0 on 2024-03-21

  • spock v4.0dev4
    • logical clock
    • unique 16-bit generated node id's
    • repair mode for transactions

v24.3.2 on 2024-03-17

  • fix 'update' command to work from CLI v24.1.3 & forward
  • Large Object LOgical Replication: lolor v1.0dev1
  • spock v4.0dev3 (evolved from v3.3dev2)
  • default spock 32 --> 33
  • spock v3.3.1 support (evolved from v3.2.8)
  • OSX arm64 experimental support for localhost dev/test
  • more backup/restore/pitr integration via backrest v2.50-3
  • 'localhost' commands split out from 'cluster'
  • improvements to 'cluster' usability (cady)
  • 'db', 'cluster', 'spock', &'vm' doc cleanups (cady)

v24.3.1 on 2024-03-07

  • update 'spock32' to v3.2.8 on pg14/15/16
    • fix problem with pg14 build
    • do not backup snowflake schema when sync_structure
    • allow CLUSTER command
    • only allow top level statements to replicate
  • update 'readonly' to 1.2 on pg14/15/16
  • update 'postgis' to 3.2.4 on pg15/16
  • update 'vector' to 0.6.1 on pg15/16
  • update 'spock33' to v3.2dev2 on el8/el9/arm9 for pg15/16
  • fix messaging & setup issues

v24.2.5 on 2024-03-01

  • spock v3.3dev1 for pg15 & pg16
  • New '-3' binaries for pg15.6 & pg16.2 for spock33 compatibility
  • configurable extension meta data (1st step toward disabled extensions at setup time)
  • VM CLI now supports AWS plus
  • MULTICLOUD CLI now referred to as VM (virtual machine) CLI
  • rename cluster 'local-create' command to 'localhost-create'
  • rename cluster 'local-destroy' command to 'localhost-destroy'
  • stop using deprecated './pgedge install pgegde' command, in 'cluster localhost-create', in favor of using './pgedge setup' command
  • experimental developer support for pg15 on OSX

v24.2.4 on 2024-02-23

  • spock v3.2.7 is available as default in pg15 & pg16
  • improve and document regressions tests (susan)
  • fix 'update' command to install/re-install ctlibs

v24.2.3 on 2024-02-21

  • make spock v3.2.7rc1 available for test
  • 'multicloud' CLI support (for test clusters)
  • add test support for wal2json on pg15/16
  • backrest v2.50-2 now support full, incremental and pitr(ibrar)
  • prelim support for pREST as a test component
  • add prelim support for our pgedge patroni v3.2.1
  • 'install patroni' now pulls in 'etcd' as a dependency
  • bump etcd to 3.5.12
  • 'install etcd' now also install golang & haproxy by default
  • remove staz
  • deprecate postgREST

v24.2.2 on 2024-02-14

  • add plv8 support for pg16 on el9 & arm9
  • fix deprecation warnings where still using 'nc' instead of 'pgedge'
  • 'setup pgedge' fully supports using flags syntax & pinning pg &/or spock versions
  • deprecation warning for 'install pgegdge'
  • fix ACE success messages in (Cady)
  • ignore --help description lines starting with ('Type: ' & 'Default: ')

v24.2.1 on 2024-02-12

  • bump spock32 to v3.2.6 with auto-dll fixes and regression fixes
  • bump pg16 to v16.2-2 (now includes patch with new delta apply functionality to be used in spock33)
  • fixes to avoid duplicate logging (Cady)
  • fix db create when spock already on the cluster (multiple db's)
  • fix bug installing specific component versions where metadata updates & config not run
  • getting ready for spock33 private beta (default spock now explicitely 32 now that there is more than one)
  • display deprecation warning when 'nc', 'nodectl' or 'ctl' aliases used for 'pgedge' CLI name
  • passing '--no-tty' to any CLI forces non-interactive mode (most are non-interactive anyway)
  • bump postgrest from 11.2.0 to 12.0.2 (& also remove dependency on deprecated
  • bump backrest from 2.49 to 2.50
  • bump orafce from 4.5.0 to 4.9.2

v24.1.9 on 2024-02-07

  • build spock-3.2.5rc1 el9 test version for auto_ddl
  • enhance ACE with functionality to handle row offset mismatches ( PR #86 Tej)
  • bump pg minor versions to 16.2, 15.11, .....
  • more refactoring for service commands and logging (PR #85 Cady)
  • fix regression in '' including 'component' that was removed
  • 3rd pass at 'setup pgedge' as documented way to install pgedge AND be able to pin the spock version

v24.1.8 on 2024-02-06

  • build spock-3.2.5beta2 el9 test version for auto_ddl
    • Add tables with PK to default repset, while removing it from insert_only (if added there)
    • synchronize tables
    • Added INFO/LOG messages.
  • regession fix and more refactoring for um, service and logging (PR #84 Cady)
  • many more regression test improvements (PR #83... QA)
  • start work on new 'setup pgedge' with online help
  • remove unused 'Id' parm from db.create()
  • specifying '-p port' parm for 'install pgedge' is enforced
  • deprecate docker folder in favor of pgedge-docker repo
  • remove unused .py files & use -upstream/ by default

v24.1.7 on 2024-01-31

v24.1.6 on 2024-01-30

  • work on build automation
  • lots of work updating doc
  • a cleaned up, simplified and documented CLI 'devel/setup' process
  • drop the '24' in versions24.sql &
  • fold in the multicloud POC from multicloud-cli project
  • use newer 'PyYAML', add 'ansible', drop 'supervisor' in 'ctlibs'
  • deprecate 'ctl' for 'pgedge' as CLI name
  • ACE fixes for json config changes (PR #81 Tej)
  • More UM refactoring (PR #79 & #80 Cady)
  • 'ent' modules are now simply marked 'prod'
  • rename 'secure' module to 'cloud'
  • seperate out 'pgbin-build' from 'nodectl' & rename it to 'cli'
  • lots of new doc & unit testings (PR #71, 73, 74 - Hayee)
  • refactor of UM and SERVICE (Cady)
  • eliminate bzip2 requirements in favor of standard gzip and optionally pigz
  • bump pg_curl from 2.1.1 to 2.2.2
  • improve build automation across platforms
  • bump timescaledb from 2.11.2 to 2.13.1
  • add pg16 support for timescaledb
  • bump plv8 from 3.2.0 to 3.2.1
  • bump partman from 4.7.4 to 5.0.1
  • bump postgis from 3.4.0 to 3.4.1
  • bump citus from 12.1.0 to 12.1.1
  • add support for multiple spock db's (PR #70 Cady)
  • add support to ACE for repset-diff (PR #72 Tej)
  • fix two things for SLES & OpenSuse LEAP support
    • remove ruff.toml broken link at runtime from hub/scripts
    • make sure we properly support SLES 15 & not just OpenSuse LEAP 15
  • quite down install ctlibs for ubu22, al2023 & LEAP/sle15
  • start using .tgz files in REPO to elimnate need for BZIP2 to be installed

v24.1.5 on 2024-01-08

  • bump spock32 to v3.2.4 & remove spock31 support
  • bring back el9 version of pg17, snowflake-pg17 & spock32-pg17
  • bring tests up to snuff for pg14/15/16 & el8 consideration
  • foslots and readonly for pg14/15/16 & el8
  • bump pgadmin4 to 8.x
  • bump etcd to 3.5.11 & include for el8
  • bump backrest to 2.49 & include for el8
  • include el8 builds for pgcat, etcd & backrest
  • devel builds of pg14 thru pg17 all include log_old_values patch
  • verify SELinux not active when trying to --autostart a 'pgedge install'
  • fix error handling on file priv's in
  • improve pg14 with spock32 patches
  • 1st pass at replacing 'cloud' w/ 'multicloud'

v24.1.4 on 2024-01-02


    • rework cluster-init json for compat with enterprise cloud
  • CLOUD:

    • leverage apache-libcloud module from pypy
    • rename -->
    • patch libcloud with a fix from equinixmetal (metros) & from us (ram TB)
    • include our patched libcloud 3.8.0 in our lib directory (& remove from requirements.txt)
  • EL8/SLE-15 for AMD64:

    • require python39 be added so we can use it over the default (unsupported) python36
    • support spock & snowflake for EL8 on am64 for pg 14/15/16
    • test on Rocky Linux 8 & Open Suse LEAP 15.5
  • CTL:

    • fix security warning when using tar.extract_all() by using data_filter when available
    • v 23.x is no more. v24.x is always used & is a symlink to
    • drop support for pg17devel (replace with spock3x & wait for 17beta1)
    • use ruff (rather than flake8 & black)

    • use latest RockyLinux 9 image (rather than 9.2)
    • drop fakectl notes at bottom of README

v24.1.3 on 2023-12-05

  • CTL:
    • fix nc & nodectl regression when called from a different directory

v24.1.2 on 2023-12-04

  • CTL:

    • comment out nc & nodectl deprecation warning (for now)
  • PG14:

    • snowflake now supports pg14
    • 'install pgedge --pg 14' now supported
  • ACE:

    • fixes and improvements to table-repair
  • SPOCK32:

    • v3.2.2 regression fix for missing transactions in corner cases

v24.1.1 on 2023-11-30


    • 'install pgedge' now defaults to spock32 for pg14, pg15 & pg16
  • ACE:

    • table-repair can now handle missing, divergent and extra rows
  • SPOCK32:

    • support for pg14 on EL9
    • support for limited feature set against core/unpatched pg14+
    • 3.2.1 on pg14, pg15, pg16 & pg17
    • pg14 version is compiled against unpatched postgresql
  • PG14:

    • now available on EL9
    • still on EL8 too

    • support pg14/15/16
    • upgrade to 2.48
  • CTL: 'nc' & 'nodectl' are now aliases for 'ctl'


    • test on Fedora Core 39 w Python 3.12
    • test on Ubuntu 23.10 w Python 3.11
    • test on Amazon Linux 2023
    • code cleanups:
      • use 'black' coding style consistently
      • use 'flake8' incrementally
    • exclude use of urlllib3 v1.26.18 (does not work on OSX)

v24.0.10 on 2023-11-17

  • small fixes for Fedora 39 & python 3.12 test support
  • regenerate and cleanup doc
  • document regression tests using cluster local-create, northwind, & ace
  • MACHINE: doc & more improvements

done for 24.0.8 on 2023-11-15

  • SPOCK32: bump to 3.2dev7 for prelim paralell_slots testing on pg17

done for 24.0.7 on 2023-11-13

  • ACE: table re-run only compares delta rows
  • MACHINE: 3rd pass includes:
    • equinixmetal fixes to LibCloud 3.1.8+ for size_list() & node_create()
    • size_list(), node_list(), node_start(), node_stop(), node_reboot(), node_create()
  • CITUS: bump to 12.1 and make available for pg16
  • PLDEBUGGER: bump to 1.6 and make available for pg16
  • ANSIBLE: add native command line support
  • SPOCK32: bump to 3.2dev6 for pg14 support & can compile against unpatched postgres

Fixes and minor changes:

  • fix get/set guc (cady)
  • complex und apps only supported on EL9
  • add error message when './nc list' is empty
  • filter out pre_reqs on './nc list'
  • bump pg12/13/14/15 on el8-amd architecture to latest releases
  • bump pglogical (for test only) to 2.4.4 for pg15 & now also pg16
  • bump cron to 1.6.2 for pg15 & pg16

done for 24.0.6 on 2023-11-07

  • bump pg15 & pg16 to latests from community
  • refactor to be able to run PyCharm IDE/debugger on
  • rework container strategy to lose dependency on systemctl
  • refactor install pgadmin4 web to support el9, httpd & configuring firewalld
  • another pass at OSX support for dev
  • 1st pass at creating multicloud clusters leveraging new MACHINE & FIREWALL CLI's

done for 24.0.5 on 2023-11-01

New Features:

  • MACHINE: 2nd pass includes support for basic AWS & EQNX functionality
  • FIREWALL: new support for firewalld configuration
  • Support for PyCharm IDE for making development easier

Fixes and minor enhancements:

  • cleanup requirements.txt
  • 1st pass at --ent components
  • refactor --extension, --showduplicates & --test
  • bump readonly to 1.1.1, vector to 1.1.1, & spock31 to 3.1.8
  • 'CREATE EXTENSION snowflake' after install --no-restart (pgedge-2-07)
  • better messaging for unsupported pg binaries on a platform
  • fix './nc update' when in the stream
  • better instrument 'reload pgXX' when running w/ or wo/ systemd

done for 24.0.4 on 2023-10-24

Fixes and minor enhancements:

  • deployment problems caused by cady and ibrar and tej. :-)
  • fixes to (cady)
  • default 'install pgedge' to '--pg 17' (denis)
  • default INSTALL_PY to '' if "-upstream" is in REPO (denis)

done for 24.0.3 on 2023-10-23

New Features:

  • MACHINE: 2nd pass includes support for configuring remote firewalls

Fixes and minor enhancements:

  • added the '--pause' option to 'install pgegde'

done for 24.0.2 on 2023-10-21

New Features:

  • SNOWFLAKE: New extension to support snowflake sequences (jan)
  • SPOCK: 3.2dev5 readonly(asifr/affan) & snowflake migration (jan)
  • PG: Hidden Columns patch (korry)
  • STAZ: Spock Three AZ Clustering (ibrar)
  • ACE: new upsert & dryrun functionality (tej)
  • DB: 1st pass @ get & set GUC functions (cady)
  • MACHINE: 1st pass at experimental cli (denis)

Minor fixes and supporting enhancements:

  • refactor pg build process to cleanly apply N patches (denis)
  • support INSTALL_PY env for cluster commands using
  • bump pg15/16/17 to include HiddenColumns patch (denis)
  • enhance 'install pgedge' for STAZ (denis)
    • add 'replicator' role
    • support optional '--rm-data' parm
  • update pgcat, etcd, & staz from 'test' to 'prod' status (denis)
  • update copyright notices for 2024 (denis)
  • move unused and scripts to attic (denis)
  • 1st pass at instructions for settting up virtual env (denis)
  • refactor for easier debugging (denis)

done for 24.0.1 on 2023-10-17

  • begin dev for 2024 Edition
  • bump spock to 3.2dev3 and add support for pg15-pg17
  • add support for snowflake 1.1 to pg15-pg17
  • install snowflake in pgedge2-6

done for 23.129 on 2023-09-14

  • leverage lbzip2, if present, to dramatically speed installation
  • improve Dockerfile.el9 to install lbzip2
  • bump Spock to 3.1.6 GA
  • bump pg16 to 16.0 for GA
  • bump oraclefdw 2.6.0 and add support for pg16
  • bump partman to 4.7.4 and add support for pg16
  • continuous improvements in quality & quantity of test scripts (thank u Susan and team)
  • fix northwind schema and data to use numeric(9,2) for prices & double for discount (was using real)
  • add support to pg16 for pgCron & pgAudit
  • bump plprofiler to 4.2.4 and support pg15 & pg16
  • bump pgVector, PostGIS, TimescaleDB, & Orafce to latest versions
  • rename the cluster CLI local & remote commands for consistency
  • move the new Spock db-create command to db create
  • move new pool cli commands to db pool-
  • fix northwind demo to work with nodes that default to port 5432
  • start with first available port after 6432 for port1 in cluster.create-local()
  • improve db-create to return json & generate a password if not supplied

done for 23.128 on 2023-08-29

  • bump pg16 to rc1
  • Spock to 3.1.5 (with new security roles defined & diff2 backpatch to pg15)
  • improve efficiency of ace diff-tables to handle massive tables w blocks of checksums
  • bump pgcat to 1.1.1 & make available for dev and test
  • add support for plv8 3.2.0 for dev and test
  • fixed a tricky problem (reported by susan) when adding tables to a repset w/ a wildcard (cady)
  • Fix missing static lib for uuid-ossp in pg15 & pg16 builds
  • 2nd pass at implementing spock.db_create() for supporting Dev Edition reqmnts
  • WIP: refactor to use spock.db_create()
  • 2nd pass and document secure CLI (cady)
  • WIP: Windows compatibility for secure & cluster CLI commands

done for 23.127 on 2023-08-10

  • add support for pg16beta3 & bumped versions of pg11 thru pg15
  • add secure api for interacting with pgEdge Cloud services
  • add requests & awscli as default nclibs
  • enhance northwind app to use schema 'northwind' rather than defaulting to 'public'
  • the basic cluster.import_remote_def() now works
  • spock.repset_add_table() only throws WARNING when table cannot be added
  • create a good dev baseline for etcd & patroni installs
  • create a good dev baseline for pgcat (throwing a sed error)
  • get devel scripts for start & stop http.server out of base directory & into devel

done for 23.126 on 2023-08-03

  • improve devel/setup doc & completeness
  • add support for ./nc psql 99 -f
  • confirm cluster app-install northwind works fully
  • drop unused from validate(), tune() & install()}
  • fix regression in spock.repset_add_tables() for wildcards
  • soften bad_os warning
  • fix bug where ./nc tune setting working_mem to 0 GB
  • install pgedge now supports parms --with-patroni, --with-backrest & --with-cat
  • bump backrest from 2.46 to 2.47
  • fix install/remove for backrest not to assume pg15
  • bump plv8 to 3.2.0

done for 23.125 as of 2023-07-31

  • bump PostGIS to v3.3.4
  • add pgvector-0.4.4 as an extension for pg15 & pg16
  • bump PL/Profiler to 4.2.2 and add support for pg16
  • more adding support for northwind (just like pgbench) as a demo/test app
  • begin adding support for cluster.import_remote_def()
  • begin adding util.wait_pg_ready()
  • begin adding support for pgbench_check

done for 23.124 as of 2023-07-21

  • fix upgrade to 23.124 to re-install nclibs
  • fix regression on supporting ubu22-amd
  • fix spock.metrics_check() slot name
  • add support for ubu22-arm

done for 23.123 as of 2023-07-20

  • fix race condition when initializing cluster in Docker
  • improvements to autostarting PG for Docker
  • incremental improvements and fixes to (thank u cady)
  • remove speculative doc support for Amazon Linux 2023 (adding it back is "coming soon")
  • add 1st pass northwind as a demo/test app (alongside pgbench)
  • remove runNC() & validate() from
  • improve cluster.command() to work with local and remote
  • improve lag monitoring & expose via spock.metrics_check()

done for 23.122 on 2023-07-18

  • install platform specific nclibs and support running on el9-amd, el9-arm, ubu22-amd & osx-amd/arm
  • bump Spock to 3.1.4 (bug fixes)
  • document service init & service config commands as internal use only
  • ensure cluster create-local: defaults to pg16, but allows for --pg=15 override allows for -U, -P and -d overrides from command line
  • fix race-condition in docker compose code
  • ensure cluster remote-init and cluster create-local commands are working in parity & with shared codebase
  • get to codeComplete for cluster remote-init
  • get to codeComplete for cluster remote-reset
  • improve flexibility of cluster.runNC() to handle passwordless ssh without certificates
  • improve cluster.echo_cmd() to handle remote ssh when os_user is presented
  • verify cluster.echo_cmd() handles remote ssh when ssh_key is present

done for 23.121 on 2023-06-30

  • fix regression to allow core PG functionality to use Python 3.6+ (not require Python 3.9+)
  • improve ace diff-tables error handling and re-factor for going fwd
  • make 1st and 2nd passes at cluster remote-init
  • bump orafce to v4.3.0
  • bump curl to v2.1.1

done for 23.120 on 2023-06-29

  • bump pg16beta1 to pg16beta2
  • improve ace diff-tables to optionally use checksums
  • basic v1.0 of nodectl-mqtt available in dev\test mode
  • get latest pgCAT & postGREST and make work for arm9 and el9 in dev\test
  • bump pglogical to v2.4.3 (for testing only)
  • improve info layout whilst showing cloud-init query (if available)
  • improve with an update --silent & info command at end

done for 23.119 on 2023-06-23

  • fix Spock bug resulting from multiple updates in same transaction.
  • bump postgis to v3.3.3
  • scrub passwd from logs
  • fix a hanging regression when NOT in an EC2 kind of VM

done for 23.118 on 2023-06-22

  • improve ssh support for cluster create-local
  • add devel/setup support for zookeeper & patroni
  • stub out starfleet support
  • add warning when not EL9+ or Ubuntu 22.04+
  • add cloud metadata to INFO command (region, az, instance_id, account_id, flavor)
  • new version of Spock 3.1.3 supporting double update bug fix and other.

done for 23.117 on 2023-06-08:

  • fix broken LLVM support in pg15.3-2 & pg16beta1-2
  • default install pgedge to pg16
  • improve support for docker-compose
  • these release notes
  • add support for hypopg-pg15/16
  • add support for timescaledb-pg15
  • add support for postgis-pg15
  • fix several error message typos (thank u Susan)
  • switch from using JDK11 to JDK17
  • wip cluster create-local use passwordless ssh on localhost

done for 23.116 on 2023-05-20

  • cluster create-local
  • add support for pg16 beta1

done for 23.115 on 2023-05-15

  • add support for pg16-dev3