In the lower-left corner of the pgEdge Cloud console you'll find a link to the Settings dialog; you can use the Settings dialog to create an API client and obtain or set account information.

The Settings page

Use the tabs on the Settings page to manages account information:

On the API Clients tab:

Select the Create API Client icon to create an API client and retrieve an Auth ID and Auth Secret that allow connections to your Cloud cluster with the pREST API. When the Create Client Name popup opens:

Register an API Client

Provide a name in the API Client Name field, and user-friendly description in the Description field, and select Create.

API Client created

When the client is created, the popup echoes back information you will need to connect, and lists the client on the dialog.

On the Team tab:

The Team tab displays information about your account:

The Team tab

  • Provide the Account ID when contacting pgEdge support (if needed for troubleshooting).
  • The External ID is used in the AWS IAM trust policy, when granting pgEdge access to an AWS account for cluster provisioning.
  • Update the Team Name to match your team, division, or company name. This name appears in invitation emails when you invite other people to join your account.