Cluster Installation and Configuration Commands

Commands in the cluster module include:

add-dbCreate a new database in the cluster, install spock, and create all spock nodes and subscriptions.
app-installInstall a test application (pgbench or Northwind).
app-removeRemove a test application (pgbench or Northwind) from cluster.
commandRun a pgedge command on one or all nodes of a cluster.
json-templateCreate a .json file template to define a cluster that resides on remote hosts.
json-validateCheck the validity of a .json file.
initInitialize a remote PostgreSQL cluster using a .json file template.
removeRemove a cluster. This will remove spock subscriptions and nodes, and then stop PostgreSQL on each node. If the flag force is set to true, then it will also remove the pgedge directory on each node.
replication-beginAdd all tables in the database to replication on every node.
replication-checkPrint replication status about every node.