Logical and Multi-Active PostgreSQL Node Configuration Commands

Commands in the spock module include:

health-checkCheck to see if the PostgreSQL instance is accepting connections.
metrics-checkRetrieve advanced database and operating system metrics.
node-add-interfaceAdd a new node interface.
node-alter-locationSet location details for a spock node.
node-createDefine a node for spock.
node-dropRemove a spock node.
node-drop-interfaceDelete a node interface.
node-listDisplay a table listing the current nodes.
replicate-ddlEnable DDL replication.
repset-add-partitionAdd a partition to a replication set.
repset-add-seqAdd a sequence to a replication set.
repset-add-tableAdd table(s) to replication set.
repset-alterModify a replication set.
repset-createDefine a replication set.
repset-dropRemove a replication set.
repset-list-tablesList tables in replication sets.
repset-remove-partitionRemove a partition from the replication set that the parent table is a part of.
repset-remove-tableRemove table from replication set.
repset-remove-seqRemove a sequence from a replication set.
sequence-convertConvert sequence(s) to snowflake sequences.
set-readonlyTurn PostgreSQL read-only mode 'on' or 'off'.
sub-add-repsetAdd a replication set to a subscription.
sub-alter-interfaceModify an interface to a subscription.
sub-createCreate a subscription.
sub-disablePut a subscription on hold and disconnect from provider.
sub-dropDelete a subscription.
sub-enableMake a subscription live.
sub-remove-repsetDrop a replication set from a subscription.
sub-resync-tableResynchronize a table.
sub-show-statusDisplay the status of the subcription.
sub-show-tableShow subscription tables.
sub-wait-for-syncPause until the subscription is synchronized.
table-wait-for-syncPause until a table finishes synchronizing.