Using Spock from psql
Additional Mgmt Functions

Management Functions

You can use the following settings to manage your replication clusters.

spock.replicate_ddl (opens in a new tab)Executes a DDL command on subscribers.
spock.seq_sync (opens in a new tab)Push a sequence state to all subscribers.


spock.replicate_ddl(command text, repsets text[])

Execute the command locally before then sending the specified command to the replication queue for execution on subscribers which are subscribed to one of the specified repsets.


  • command is the DDL query to execute.
  • repsets specifies an array of replication sets which this command should be sent to. The default is {ddl_sql}.


spock.seq_sync(relation regclass)

Push a sequence state to all subscribers. Unlike the subscription and table synchronization function, this function should be run on the provider node. The command forces an update of the tracked sequence state which will be consumed by all subscribers (replication set filtering still applies) once they replicate the transaction in which this function has been executed.


  • relation is the (optionally schema-qualified) name of an existing sequence.