Reviewing Database Metrics


Highlight a database name in the tree control to access the link to the Metrics dialog; the dialog allows you to review statistical information gathered from that specific database.

The Metrics dialog

Select a graphed point to see detailed information about the selected event.

Metric details

Select a tab to display information for All nodes, or a specific individual node. The graphs display metrics about:

Graph NameDescription
CPUThe percentage of CPU used by the database
MemoryMemory used (in MB)
Replication OutputThe tuples used by outgoing replication processes
Memory PercentageThe percent of memory resources used by the database
Network TransmitThe number of tuples transmitted from the database
Network ReceiveThe number of tuples received by the database
Database SizeThe size of the database (in MB) at a given point in time
Database Table CountThe number of tables that are defined in the database
Replication Slots CountThe number of replication slots in use by the database
Replication Slots Count ActiveThe number of replication slots that are currently active
Spock Resolutions CountThe number of data inconsistencies resolved
WAL SegmentsThe number of WAL segments in the server's WAL directory
Wal SizeThe size of each ordinary file in the server's write-ahead log (WAL) directory
Stat Database Tup InsertedNumber of rows inserted by queries
Stat Database Tup UpdatedNumber of rows updated by queries
Stat Database Tup DeletedNumber of rows deleted by queries
Stat Database Tup ReturnedNumber of live rows fetched by sequential scans and index entries returned by index scans
Stat Database Tup FetchedNumber of live rows fetched by index scans